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Ed Dodson & Skip Kelley - "Hopped that Train And....Gone" CD
Price: $15.00

Track Listing
1] Julie
2] Ten Degrees and Getting Colder
3] Bluegrass Stomp
4] Mother's Only Sleeping
5] Wrong So Long
6] Saved By His Grace
7] Saint Anne's Reel
8] Charmaine
9] Who Took My Blue Skies From Me?
10] The Ballad of Billy Gray
11] Red Wing
12] Grapes on the Vine
13] Colleen Malone
14] Are You Afraid to Die?
15] Hopped That Train And....Gone
Ed Dodson & Skip Kelley - "Greetings From The Little Green Valley" CD
Price: $15.00

Track Listing
1] You Must Come in at the Door
2] Salt Creek
3] Dream of an Old Love Affair
4] Power in the Blood
5] Hunting Cog
6] Back to the Old Home
7] Ashland Breakdown
8] My Bonny Lies Under the Sea
9] Wood Sheddin'
10] Little Green Valley
11] East Tennessee Blues
12] Down This Lonesome Road
13] Old Ebenezer Scrooge
14] Helping Hand
15] My Little Home in Tennessee
Wood & Steel - "Poor Boy" CD
Price: $15.00

Track Listing
1] Poor Boy
2] Blue Heartache
3] I've Waited As Long As I Can
4] Hard Hearted
5] Matterhorn
6] Them Bones
7] Come Back To Me In My Dreams
8] Helping Hand
9] How Long Have I Been Waiting For You
10] Big Country
11] Parson's Ridge
12] Brown Mountain Light
13] Cheek To Cheek With The Blues
14] Far Beyond A Cloudless Sky
Wood & Steel - "The Old Ones Are The Best Ones" CD
Price: $15.00

Track Listing
1] This Weary Heart You Stole Away
2] The Blues Are Back In Town
3] Julianne
4] Old Train
5] On My Mind
6] Nashville Skyline Rag
7] The Flame Of Love
8] I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers
9] I'll Be Waiting Right Here For You
10] It's A Long Way Back To Your Home
11] Fox In The Henhouse
12] Please Search Your Heart
13] You Took The Sunshine And Left The Rain
14] Darlin' Nellie Grey, Revisited
15] The Old Ones Are The Best Ones
16] Little Bessie
Wood & Steel - "Just a Cold Pot of Coffee..." CD
Price: $15.00

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Track Listing
1] Ashes of Love
2] Thanks a Lot
3] Gonna Settle Down
4] One More Day
5] Big Ol' Mess of the Blues
6] Man with the Blues
7] Memories of You Left Here to Stay
8] Mary Anne
9] New Camptown Races
10] Walkin' in Jerusalem
11] I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
12] Rambler's Choice
13] You Will Change Your Mind
14] Cold Pot of Coffee
15] Book of the Past
16] Unwanted Love
17] House of Gold
Ed Dodson & Skip Kelley - "Feast Here Tonight" CD
Price: $15.00

Shipping and Handling
Track Listing
1] More Pretty Girls Than One
2] Bill's Dream
3] Goodbye Maggie
4] Cherokee Shuffle
5] Feast Here Tonight
6] One More Day
7] True Life Blues
8] New Camptown Races
9] Southern Son
10] I Know His Voice
11] Cattle in the Cane/Jerusalem Ridge
12] Memories of You Left Here to Stay
13] Liberty/Forked Deer
14] I'm Going Back to The Old Home
15] Highway of Sorrow
16] Icewater
17] Angeline the Baker
18] Sunny Side of Life
19] Old Dangerfield
Ed Dodson - "Deep Bluegrass Guitar" Book and CD
Price: $18.00

Deep Bluegrass Guitar - Some Hot Licks and Slick Tricks" by Ed Dodson (with companion CD). Ed put this book together after years of instructing bluegrass guitar at the Swannanoa Gathering. The book teaches you how to approach playing breaks to bluegrass songs. It is "lick" oriented and arranged by key (e.g., licks in G position, licks in C position, etc.) The book includes a written preface to each chapter's tab and also includes a companion CD recording of Ed discussing and playing all of the tab lessons - fast and slow versions. In the appendix, he's also tabbed-out the guitar solos on three tunes from the band's recording, "The Old Ones Are the Best Ones" - so you get to see and hear Ed put some of those "hot licks" into context. There's a little something here for most everyone interested in flatpicking bluegrass guitar - however, this course is especially suited for the intermediate to advanced picker.
The Old Ones Are The Best Ones
Limited Edition T-Shirt

Hanes Beefy-T© White with Full Color Logo
Price: $15.00

Wood & Steel T-Shirt
Hanes Beefy-T© White with Full Color Logo
Price: $15.00

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Wood & Steel Basebal Cap
Cotton, fully adjustable with cotton strap
Color: Stone with embroidered Wood & Steel logo
Price: $15.00

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Wood & Steel Bumper Sticker
Price: $1.00

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